Deposit - Cancel - Information

To reserve space please forward your deposit payable to C&B SPORTS:
    1 - $200.00 deposit or
    2 - $100.00 deposit and your credit card info to cover your airfare, which
    will be applied to your credit card. In the event of a cheaper fare your non-refundable ticket will be purchased immediately; otherwise tickets will be purchased and charged in early january 2007
Cancel Policy
If you cancel your trip, you must notify us in writing. We calculate your refund on the day we receive written cancellation. All refunds will be processed within 30 days of receipt of your cancellation. You will be refunded in the manner in which you paid. Either by checks credit card or both.
Cancellation - 75 days or more prior to the first departure are subject to a non- refundable $100.00 administrative fee.
Cancellation - 41-74 days prior to the first departure are subject to a 50% penalty unless an eligible replacement is found.
Cancellation - 40 days prior to the first departure will not receive any refund
Unless a replacement is found.
These fees reflect only the cost of administering a reservation and is not it intended to be punitive in anyway.
All payments are to be made in U.S. Dollars.
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